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One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine…. Soap and water and common sense are the best disinfectants. William Osler homeopathic medicine for health

The Founder of the Practice

The practice was founded in 1956 by my late father, Dr.J.P.Prinsloo snr (1933 to 2002), who was often described as the father of Homeopathy in South Africa.

My father and I, Dr. Johan P. Prinsloo, practiced together for many years, but Unfortunately my father unexpectedly passed away in 2002, after which I continued the practice on my own.

Having been established more than 65 years ago, this is the oldest and most renowned homeopathic practice in South Africa.

Dr.Prinsloo snr was notably the most well-read and experienced expert on homeopathy in South Africa. With all due respect to my colleagues, I have yet to meet a practitioner who understands homeopathy as clearly and definitively as he did. He had superior insight and understanding of the workings and application of Homeopathy in clinical practice.

His successes were legendary and patients and colleagues alike were awestruck by his vast knowledge of medicine, science and chemistry.

He was my father, my teacher, my mentor, my role-model and my best friend. To learn more about this great physician, Dr. J.P. Prinsloo (snr), click here.

To learn more about myself, Dr. Johan P.B. Prinsloo, click here.

This website is intended to provide patients of the practice as well as other visitors to the site with information, not only on the practice itself, but also on matters of health.

Also visit our Blog for the latest health related news and articles.

The practice was registered as an incorporated company in 2002 and is continued by Dr.Johan P.Prinsloo DHom, Dsc.

Dr JPB Prinsloo specialises in Homoeopathy. This means that only Homoeopathically Prepared Medicines are dispensed. The practice has a well-established National and International Patient Base. The practice has a well-established reputation developed over more than 50 years. The practice nevertheless functions as a general/family practice.


We are certainly not opposed to conventional medical treatment (often referred to as allopathic medicine). A medical practitioner cannot replace a physiotherapist and a physiotherapist cannot replace a nurse. For the very same reason a medical practitioner cannot replace a Homeopath and vice verse. Each discipline and form of treatment has it's own rightful place in medicine and each should be respected individually.

The objective in medicine should never be exclusive or egotistic, it should be inclusive, balanced and unbiased. No one can deny that no discovery has probably saved more lives than antibiotics. Unfortunately antibiotics were abused, over-prescribed and prescribed without reason or for such prolonged periods that it ultimately came to be perceived as a death-trap and a poison. It is not the fault of antibiotics that it has been over-prescribed and abused, but unfortunately it was all the medical profession had, that was of any real value, and they vested all their faith and trust in that single resource, until it became the enemy of good sensible health practice.

When a patient requires antibiotics he/she should not be detered from taking it for the wrong reasons. Antibiotics could save your life when you truly need it.

The difference perhaps lies in the fact that Homeopathic practitioners in South Africa study conventional pharmacology as part of their homeopathic training, whereas medical students (and eventually medical practitioners) learn and know less than nothing about homeopathy.

A sensible, patient-centric homeopathic or alternative health care practitioner would not advise against sensible conventional medical treatment.


Anyone who reads the papers, watches the news or listens to their radios over the years might be forgiven for wondering what the media's demolishment of homeopathy from time-to-time was all about. It often follows soon after reports like those published on 24th August 2005, which stated that Prince Charles commissioned a study on the economic benefits of Homoeopathy and other forms of alternative and complementary medicine and reports like the one in The Times UK on 21st August 2005 which stated that 'demand for alternative therapies such as acupuncture and homeopathy is soaring and people are increasingly using their medical insurance to pay for it.

homeopathic simplex medicines

This kind of news appears to send the pharmaceutical companies into a flat spin, sending them into coordinated overdrive to get all their favourite medical and science correspondents to put out highly negative stories about homeopathic medicine in newspapers all around the world. These reports are usually based on very biased unfavourable studies on homeopathy published in journals like the Lancet which state that the benefits of homeopathy could be all in the patient's mind.

The ferocity of some of these attacks in the media can only mean one thing - that there is a huge rise in popularity of homeopathic medicine that it is becoming a threat to the billion dollar drug industry!

The worldwide pro-homeopathy revolution has taken place almost entirely by word of mouth and by personal recommendation - a truly remarkable phenomenon, because previously the media had studiously ignored and excluded any positive news on the subject.

A few years ago the program Horizon on BBC 2 tried to demolish the work of Dr. Jacques Benveniste whose studies proved that homeopathic medicines work. Benveniste claimed his studies had been replicated hundreds of times.

Whats Homeopathy?

Dr. David Reilly of the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital has also conducted many such successful studies and the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital has conducted long term studies of the benefits of homeopathic treatment. All these homeopathic hospitals, including the London Homeopathic Hospital reportedly have at least 6 month waiting lists.

If anyone needed proof of the efficacy of homeopathic medicine, they need only study the statistics of various epidemics and pandemics during the 1900s. In 1854 a cholera epidemic struck London. A report revealed that under allopathic (conventional medical) care the mortality was 59.2% whereas under homeopathic care the mortality was only 9%. In the yellow fever outbreak in the US in 1878, the mortality in New Orleans was 50% under allopathic care and 5.6% for homeopathic care. Records of three years of diphtheria in Broome County, New York from 1862 to 1864, show the mortality rate for allopaths as 83.6% and 16.4% for homoeopaths.

homeopathic medicine for health

There are 220,000 homeopathic doctors in India and all over Europe, especially France and Germany, homeopathy is hugely popular. The Queen of England, who is arguably the richest woman in the world, reportedly travels everywhere with a homeopathic first aid kit for her and her staff. The kings and queens of Britain have always had their own personal homeopathic doctor and for the last two centuries the aristocracy has traditionally enjoyed the benefits of homeopathic medicine. Many famous people, including MPs choose homeopathic treatment. Tony Blair's sister-in-law, Lyndsey Booth, changed careers from being a lawyer to becoming a qualified homeopath. In South Africa we find that a large number of Homoeopathy students are qualified professionals, such as pharmacists, lawyers, medical practitioners, psychologists and the like.

Is it possible that all these people have been deluded into taking dummy pills, the effects of which are 'all in the mind', in their imagination?! Hardly.

What about animals and babies? How does the placebo effect work on them?! As any homeopathic veterenarian will tell you, homeopathic medicine works almost better on animals than on humans and likewise, babies respond particularly well to treatment. Is it even possible to explain to them that the homeopathic remedy alleviated their symptoms, much less that the psychological effect of taking it brought about the cure?!

Hippocrates said there were two laws of cure - the law of opposites (orthodox medicine) and the law of similars (homeopathy).

Certain media often thrives on skewed trials intent on bringing down homeopathy, akin to the kinds of trials we have come to expect from a pharmaceutical industry that gave the green light to such medicines as thalidomide and Vioxx.

The fact of the matter is that homeopathy has enjoyed a huge rise in popularity for one simple reason and that is because it works!

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