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Fertilisation sperm connecting with egg Infertility has become a massive industry and many practitioners have entered into it as a money-making-venture for self-enrichment rather than the good of the patient. Any practitioner marketing or advertising products for the treatment of infertility and who makes the medicine available without having to see the patient is running a money-making scam. It is also illegal and unethical for any practitioner to treat or to provide treatment or medicine to a patient he/she has not consulted face-to-face.

World renowned Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld MD says, "There is no single treatment for infertility that works for everyone, because the problem has so many different causes". Similarly there is no standard Homoeopathic or Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) available on the open market today that is effective in the treatment of infertility from whatever cause. No standard Homoeopathic formula or Homoeopathic medicine available in a pharmacy, health shop, upon request via postal or internet order is effective in any way whatsoever for the treatment of infertility.

The success of Homoeopathy relies strongly upon the individualisation of the treatment. This is particularly the case in infertility as no two cases are the same and treatment has to be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the particular patient.

Due to the specialised nature of Infertility, very few Homeopathic Practitioners focus on Infertility treatment.

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In South Africa, very few Homoeopathic practitioners focus on Infertility treatment. Dr JPB Prinsloo has a track record in the treatment of infertility spanning more than fifty three years, ranking us among the most renowned and most experienced Homoeopathic Practices with a special interest in Infertility in the country today.

Dr JPB Prinsloo is a multi-disciplinary practice and Dr. Prinsloo is legally registered as a Homoeopathic Practitioner, Naturopath, Phytotherapist (Western Herbalist) and Osteopath. By complementing the Homoeopathic treatment with the addition of applicable Herbal Medicine and aspects of Naturopathic management, one is able to provide treatment options from a wide and holistic patient-specific perspective.

Polycystic Ovarian Sindrome Can homeopathy treat PCOS?
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Founded more than 53 years ago, Dr JPB Prinsloo Homeopathic Practice has treated thousands of patients for infertility from across the globe.

The Founder of the Practice, Dr.J.P.Prinsloo senior, started treating patients for infertility with homeopathy as far back as 1956. He developed a highly specialised Homeopathic protocol for the treatment for Infertility.

The abstract below is of the last paper Dr.Prinsloo senior presented on the subject of homeopathic infertility treatment shortly before his passing in 09 July 2002. It provides a brief overview of the Homeopathic approach to Infertility.

Abstract : The Homeopathic Treatment of Infertility
Speaker : Dr. J.P. Prinsloo N.D., D.O., D.Hom., Ph.D.

Dr. J.P. Prinsloo seniorHomoeopathic principles : The principles of Homeopathy need to be known or understood to understand the Homeopathic treatment of infertility or any other condition for that matter. The main objective is to obtain a complete history and the symptoms and signs in each individual case. The Homeopathic practitioner needs to be able to select the correct Homeopathic medicine for each individual patient as no two patients would necessarily receive the same medication. Both objective and subjective symptoms are of utmost importance in Homeopathic prescribing. Infertility is treated mainly in the female restoring her to optimum health and achieving the highest level of fertility. A sperm count of even the lowest imaginable is then sufficient, and has been demonstrated in thousands of successes to be sufficient to produce fertilisation.

Treatment : The health or condition of the endometrium would be the primary focus. Is the condition of the endometrium such as to allow for the fertilised ova to adhere to the endometrium? Will the placenta be able to develop and adhere until the termination of the pregnancy. The individual symptoms will determine which medicine should be prescribed. The Homoeopath needs to ascertain whether the uterine mucous is acid or viscid. Acidity of the uterine mucous secretion may be corrected with the most appropriate medicine. The presence of endometritis or endometriosis, Candida infection or the possibility of various other conditions of the endometrium, due to residual blood from menses, metrorrhagia or previous miscarriage are most important considerations and should be treated in accordance with individual presentations of symptoms in accordance with Homoeopathic principles. The various bleeding tendencies should be corrected. Septic conditions would call for a distinguishing between a variety of applicable homeopathic medicines. Catarrhal conditions may present very differently from patient to patient. Inflammatory chronic endometriosis would require serious attention. Excessive mucous secretion from the endometrium causing expelling of the ovum may be remedied successfully. Abnormal contractions of the uterus between menses invariably influence the success of pregnancy and should be treated to prevent undue prenatal complications. Besides the endometrium the condition of the cervix plays an important role and possible erosion of the cervix and the presence of Papilloma Virus would be referred to the gynaecologist. The possibility of obstructions in the uterine tubes need to be investigated. The possible presence of ovarian cysts are to be determined and corrective Homoeopathic treatment prescribed. Hypertrophy of the germinal epithelial layer of the cortex, inhibiting proper development of the ova may be corrected with correct prescribing. Numerous aspects influence the prescription including previous medroxyprogesterone acetate injection treatment and hormonal balance, including thyroid hormones. The compatibility of the ova and sperm should be ascertained as a possible cause.

Conclusion : There are more than one hundred different Homeopathic medicines that may be employed in the treatment of infertility and the success of any Homeopathic treatment of infertility is determined by the experience and competency of the homeopathic practitioner. The experienced Homeopath should have a success rate in the treatment of infertility in women far greater than conventional treatments, depending on the range and damage caused by previous infertility treatment and interventions. Successful Homeopathic treatment of Infertility usually produces the desired result (fertilisation / pregnancy) from anywhere after the fifth month of treatment at a comparatively low cost to the patient.


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A to Z Glossary of Infertility Terminology

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